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With almost 20 years of experience in all aspects of data management, my career has been based on providing innovation, structure and tactical strategies to implement effective and large-scale data governance, process development, capabilities, technology and culture change.

Truly possessing a passion for data and its creation, movement and use within an organization, I can understand how to empower business users, decision makers and executives to understand how important data assets are to the decisions that each business makes daily. Data even in its most granular form impacts customers, reporting, financials and reputation. It drives the way we talk to our customers and predict what they will want and need in the present and the future.

Good data management programs possess similar capabilities and providing these capabilities provides the business with the tools to perform data management and grow such a culture. Good data architecture and business intelligence tools are generally the cornerstone to data usage within the corporation. These are generally the tools that most business users are familiar with as it allows for discovery and the ability to see the data within their various functions. While not specifically used for data quality they are an integral part of overall data management. Technology provides for capabilities such as metadata and lineage as well as business rule development (data quality), advanced visualization and querying as well as several other capabilities such as alerting and threshold management. The key component in all data quality or data management programs is Governance and Stewardship. That is the “people and process” part of the picture. These capabilities, allow for common nomenclature, capture of tacit knowledge across organizations and a particularly useful set of metadata to go along with the physical and logical manifestations of data within the corporation.

Having practiced a bit of the “art and science” components of data quality, I believe it is an exciting time for organizations to begin to get a handle on what really is driving decisions, how we are reporting and how we manage these data assets to ensure accuracy, timeliness, proof and evidence for regulatory matters and more detail for innovation than we have ever experienced before. I would love to discuss in more detail about my qualifications as a professional in data management as I believe that my knowledge and experience will provide great insight to a corporation that is growing and just starting out in this discipline.